Dearest customers,

Thank you very much for your visiting our website. We ENEOS CAR CENTRE was established in August 2013 by JX Nippon Oil & Energy that has the widest service station network in Japan. Since then, we have provided automobile-related product retail and maintenance services.

Since start of business, our motto has not been changed, that is TO PROVIDE SAFE AND CONVENIENT CAR LIFE TO GUESTS. Based on this concept, we have developed and operated our outlets in accordance with quality “Car Shop” standards in Japan. Our goals are to produce the values as below:

  1. Convenient outlet location
    Easy to visit & Comfortable during work-on time
  2. Wide variety of products
    Anything related-to-cars is available
  3. Quality products
    Assorting many imported goods from Japan
  4. One-stop service
    Buying, setting up, servicing at one place

“Car Shop” is unique style of retail service that has risen in Japan where automobile industries have grown tremendously. Nowadays, many Japanese shops and restaurants have been coming to Malaysia. It is our much happiness if you take your time to visit us to enjoy Japanese style automobile-related services with us.

In addition, as one of the Japanese companies, we have found it one of the missions to support car life of Japanese customers living in KL Area. Please feel free to inquire our Japanese staffs anything and to try our services such as SYAKEN-style regular inspection service. We have prepared services designed for Japanese customers.